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Challenging the unconscious

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How psychotherapy can help

Psychotherapy and counselling are talking therapies.

They are based on the idea that unconscious feelings or emotions, often arising from events, relationships and experiences in our early lives, can be the root causes of current emotional problems or distress.

The model of psychotherapy I work with – psychoanalytic psychotherapy – starts from the understanding that these unconscious emotions are deeply defended and difficult to reach. As long as they remain unconscious, what they are, and how they are influencing you is impossible to understand.

By working to uncover them, through a process called ‘free association’, we can start to see them for what they are and understand the difficulties they are causing for you in your current life.   And once we can do this, we can start to work to change and eradicate them, allowing you to feel more in control and live your life without their influence.

The working relationship with your therapist is an important part of this, as it will enable you to re-experience the way early life relationships worked, and discover new ways to relate to others.  An initial meeting will give you the opportunity to find out what it would be like working with me, without committing yourself to taking things further at this stage.