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It’s important to find the right therapist for you

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Working together

How will we work together?

Typically, we will arrange an initial telephone conversation, and at that point book a consultation or assessment appointment. This gives us an opportunity to talk in more depth about the problems or difficulties which have brought you to seek therapy.  It also gives us both a chance to experience how working together might feel for us.  There is no commitment at this stage to take things beyond the initial consultation, and you may want to take time after the consultation to think about your options.

If we decide to work together, we will agree at the outset what you want to work on, and the presenting issues you wish to address will in part define how long the therapy lasts.  We’ll then arrange a regular session time each week (for some clients, we may eventually arrange two sessions a week).  The work is open-ended, but we can decide to stop at any stage, perhaps when we have achieved key goals we identified at the outset.

Sessions are £50 for individuals and last 50 minutes. (Depending on availability, I can offer reductions for those on low income).